Rental Policies and Acknowledgements

I understand that there are inherent risks that are involved with water sports activities, which include but are not limited to weather conditions, adverse water conditions, equipment failure, acts of other participants, and I hereby assume the risks involved.

The renter is responsible for a minimum $500 damage fee if any damage is incurred, which will be charged to the credit card account given. If the damage exceeds $500 then the renter is responsible for the cost of parts and repairs for the entire boat.

Release of Liability

I agree to indemnify, release from liability, and hold harmless Burton Boat Rentals LLC and I agree to assume all risk in connection with this watersport activity for which I am physically fit to participate in.

I accept all responsibility and by signing and/or agreeing to the terms and conditions set forth within this waiver and liability release agreement.

I understand that I have the duty to exercise reasonable care for my own safety and that of others involved and I agree to do so.

By signing this document I assert that I am physically and mentally fit to ride, operate or participate in water sports recreational activities and will not hold Burton Boat Rentals LLC or their employees or other associated personnel responsible if I am injured as a result of problems that occur while chartering the equipment or other participation.

I fully understand that Burton Boat Rentals LLC has no medical facilities and that in the event of injury or illness, emergency care may be delayed until proper medical services are available and I agree to such terms and conditions.

Boat Rental Policies

Once the boat leaves the dock the renters are responsible for the safety of all parties aboard. Burton Boat Rentals LLC is not liable for any accidents that may occur.

Boat renters must be 21 years old and have a valid driver's license to operate boats.

Rates do not include gas and tax.

A $500 minimum damage fee will be charged to the renter's credit card if any damage occurs.

No grills permitted on boats.

All cancellations require at least 72 hours notice.

Burton Boat Rentals, LLC reserves the right to deny service to any person at any time.

The undersigned specifically agrees that Burton Boat Rentals LLC shall not be responsible for such injuries, damages, loss or theft.

A cleaning fee of $100 or more will be charged for boats that are returned excessively dirty.

The person renting the watercraft is the only person driving the craft.

Booking Policies

For renters who are booking a rental within 2 weeks of making the reservation, we charge the full booking fee, which is refundable up to 72 hours prior to the pickup time.

For our prospective renters who book farther in advance, we only require a small, nonrefundable deposit at the time of booking, since we know things can change. Then, once the pickup date is within 2 weeks, the prospective renter will receive an automated email with a link to pay the remaining balance.  In order to secure the reservation, we require the balance to be paid in full sometime before 72 hours prior to the pickup time.

This way, in the event that a prospective renter opts out, we still have enough time to open those dates back up to other potential renters. 

As long as the prospective renter pays their balance in full before 72 hours prior to pickup time, their reservation will be secured.  

However, if the balance has not been paid in full before 72 hours prior to pickup time, the reservation will be considered canceled and we will open up those dates to other potential renters.

Cancellation Policies

As long as the prospective renter cancels their booking before 72 hours prior to pickup time, their booking fee will be refunded.

However, if a prospective renter cancels their booking within 72 hours prior to pickup time, or doesn't show up within 1 hour of the pickup time (with no exceptions, even for personal reasons), their booking fee is no longer refundable and the entire reservation fee will be forfeited.

Cancellation fees will be waived only if the following conditions exist on Lake Burton at the time of the rental: heavy rain lasting more than 45 minutes; lightning; tornado warnings; high wind advisories or any condition that Burton Boat Rentals LLC considers unsafe boating conditions.

Security Deposit

Prior to picking up the rental, the renter will be expected to upload photos of their drivers license and provide a security deposit by entering their card information, which will put a hold on the card in the amount of the security deposit for 7 days following the rental.

Payment Information

Throughout our entire booking process, including placing a hold on a card for the security deposit, Burton Boat Rentals LLC never actually comes into possession of the renters' payment information.  

All transactions are processed through 3rd party providers including our website platform VEVS and our security deposit partner Charge Automation, both of which use Stripe for their payment processing.

In the event that a payment has to be processed over the phone, Burton Boat Rentals LLC's policy is to enter the information directly into another 3rd party provider using Stripe, the Collect app, which is used to process manual transactions. It is against Burton Boat Rentals LLC's policy to document the payment information for any purpose.


By my acknowledgment at check out, I hereby warrant and represent, that I have read through and agree to all terms and conditions set forth within this document, and I am executing the same voluntarily and of my own accord.